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  • Go!Daikocon Aug 1-3 2014
  • Go!Daikocon Guest 2014
  • Our Video Game Room is open 24 Hours this year!
  • Love Jrock come hang out with us!
  • Go!Daikocon
  • Go!Daikocon
  • Go!Daikocon

Latest News! 

We finally have our convention event schedule posted! 

To include a listing of our panels!


We have extended our special room rate of $99/night for everyone who is wanting to stay at the hotel for event. The dealine for the hotel as well as the Bronze, Silver and Gold ticket packages have been extended to Friday 7/18/14. Check here for more details!


On top of our other give aways we're working on our collectable convention glass!




Win A giant alpaca/llama and Card Captor Sakura box set at Go!Daikocon. Register for three day pass and get your chance to win over $400 in prizes. 


This year we will be doing a raffle at the con. All attendees will get 1 raffle ticket. VIP's will get three. During the weekend you have the chance to earn more tickets. Special panels of guest, staff and assorted others we will give away extra tickets. You can also get them with purchases from vendors and also maid cafe. I think this will be fun and really interactive for our fans and I hope you guys will have a great time. The prize pack will be $300-$400 and will include a giant alpaca. Must be present at closing ceremonies for it on Sunday.



Advance Rates:
$27.37 until Jan 1; $32.64 until May 23; $37.92 until Jul 12 
At-Door Rates:
$43.19 weekend; $27.37 Fri; $32.64 Sat; $27.37 Sun


Children under 13 are free with paid adult entree! 



We just updated our Greg Ayres Panels check them out! All attendees will recieve one raffle ticket


 Want to hear about the latest updates on our video game room check them out right here!






injustice gods among us cover


The video game room will be open 24 hours this year!

On Friday we will be opening the doors at 10am, we will be having a Mario Kart 8 Tournament at 5pm and an Injustice tournament at 10pm. 

On Saturday we will be having a Rock Band Tournament at 2pm, a Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament at 6pm, and a Vice Chair Tetris Tournament at 10pm.

Sunday we will be having a Goldeneye Tournament at 12pm, and a Mortal Kombat Tournament at 4pm and closing our doors at 6pm.

Tournament Rules:

Mario Kart: Tournament Style 1V1**
Injustice: Tournament Style 1V1 **
Super Smash: 1V1, Final Destination, no items. 3 stock 8 minutes, Wii Classic Controller, no customs**
Tetris: 1vs Vice Chair Normal Rules/speed, 1 round elimation.***
Rock Band: Battle of the Bands. Contestants pick bandmates, The song will be randomly chosen. The band that does the best (overall score + number of stars + collective percentage completed (all members' percentages averaged)),is declared the winner.*
Goldeneye: Random room, radar on, normal mode, no odd job, 5 minute timer, golden gun. 
*Closing times may vary upon attendance.
**Rules may vary upon turnout .
***The Vice Chair (Rob Marion) will be accepting all challengers, if he cannot make it then this will become a normal style tetris tournament, 1v1, normal rules/speed, 1 round elimation.





















 Interested in hosting your own panel this year just Click Here to find out how!





We have confirmed guest for 2014. 


Lauran Landa (confirmed)
Jason Charles Miller (confirmed)
Eric Cherry (confirmed)
Greg Ayres (Confirmed)








We are still looking for volunteers for event if interested click here to find out how to volunteer!