Welcome and thank you for considering to volunteer at GoDaiKoCon! As a “for fans, by fans” convention, we welcome you to come and join our team to create the best experience for all Anime lovers out there.

Special Announcement: Early pre-con volunteer applications for Verified Marketing position will get from a discount on badge to a free badge for GoDaikoCon 2017.


  • You must be at least 16 years old with parental permission by the time of convention. Click here for Parental Consent Form
  • You will need to be able to verify your age with a valid form of identification.
  • You must attend an online volunteer orientation. This meeting will be held on the Friday of the convention.
  • All other requirements and guidelines still apply. Please make sure you read our guidelines thoroughly.

Minimum volunteer interval is 4 hours, but we would prefer and really appreciate it if you can volunteer for longer hours (e.g. 15 hours or more).

You are responsible for your own accommodations and transportation during your stay at the convention.

Keep in Contact and Be Updated
As you sign up to be part of the GoDaikoCon 2017 Team, please keep in mind that communication is the golden key. You will be responsible for keeping in touch and contacting the Con-chairman if there are any questions you have or any changes in your status. Please also check your email inbox and GoDaikoCon Facebook Page frequently to be fully updated and informed.Respect Everyone
We want to create a fun and friendly environment for both the attendees and staffs, so please treat everyone with respect and courtesy! We will not tolerate any disrespectful attitude towards anyone at all.Parental Consent
If you are 17 years old or younger, you will need to bring a written permission from your parents or legal guardian.Dress Code
While there is no requirement for formal dress code, we do ask that you refrain from wearing any attire that might be considered offensive, or that it might detract you from your work performance.If you plan to cosplay while working, please contact our Con-chairman to make sure it is okay.

Be Prompt, Helpful and Flexible
As we strive to bring the best experience for everyone, we want to recruit top-notch people for our GDC 2017 Team.

That is, we expect our crew to be available when assigned and ready to get to work. Always look out for additional way to help our staff; as convention can be crowded and loaded with work, there will always be something to do, or someone who needs assistance. Please try to arrive early to get ready for your shift, and ask the Staffing Director what you can do to help if your previous task is completed or covered.

If you are going to be late, please notify the Staffing Director as soon as possible.

If you are unable to fulfill your duties for any reason please let the Con-chairman or Staffing Director know as soon as possible. If you are not working as assigned, you can and will be dismissed. Your badge will be removed and you will be asked to leave or pay the appropriate fees for your remaining attendance.

Perks and Benefits
Even though our volunteers are not paid, we do offer some perks and benefits as a Thank You gift for helping us. Your perks will be based on the amount of hours put in:

  • If you volunteer 4 hours, we will provide a free meal.
  • If you volunteer 12 hours or more, you will get a free T-shirt.
  • If you volunteer 16 hours or more, you will get a discount on badge.
  • If you volunteer 20 hours or more, there will be free crash space available for you (you must be 20 years old and up)

Position(s) Available

Verified Marketing

    • Help promote GoDaikoCon on all front.

For example: spread news about GDC 2017 on social media, promote GDC 2017 at other conventions with flyers, etc.

Any inquiry about the nature of this position, please contact Con-chairman.

Con Volunteer – Main objective is to assist staffs

  • Assist and support staff at panels and programs
  • Assist with setup and/or take down
  • Help out at registration/reception
  • Help with line control
  • Assist with badge-checking
  • As part of security measures being taken at the convention, please make sure to check attendee badges at all times. Badges should be visible at all times. If you find someone without a badge, please kindly direct them to the Registration desk.

  • Transporting (move and organize) items.

There will be specific directions and instructions after you sign up/at con.

How to Become a Volunteer Staff Member

You have reached this far, so we hope you are still interested in joining us! Once you have carefully read through all of our requirements and guidelines, please go ahead and fill out the Volunteer Form

If you have any other inquiries, please contact Steve Lin, the Con-chairman (conchair@godaikocon.com) or volunteers@godaikocon.com. We look forward to work with you at GDC 2017!

GoDaikoCon Team 2017